Path To Self Mastery Program

Path To Self Mastery Program




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So why is Self Mastery important?
Have you heard the idea that ‘you create your reality?’ The premise of this is that all things good or bad that you have in your life right now are of your creation. I get it, some of that can be a tough idea to grasp. Yet it’s true, all things in your life you have created. BUT there is a lot of it that you have unconsciously created from your unconscious reactions to your surroundings. How has this worked out for you? For most they will admit they aren’t happy with what they have created in their life. So how does this shift? Through this 12 week program you will get to see all of these unconscious reactions that have created your reality, you’ll see the way you have unconsciously created your life. Once you see this you then get to choose how the next chapter of your life shows up.

What can you expect from this program?
For life to not be the same again… When you understand these concepts and have the ability to observe these triggers as they are happening you then become in control of your life. With this increased control in your life you will find the following benefits:

Feel Empowered

Stop playing small in life. This takes place through a process of gaining a deeper understanding of how you operate. No longer will you be unconsciously reacting to the world around you, instead you’ll be consciously creating your world! 

Increased Self Confidence

Do you lack self confidence? This course teaches you how to understand those triggers that lead to your lack of self confidence. When you understand these, it’s a game changer and you’ll no longer suffer from a lack of self confidence!

Find Your Purpose

Learn to get out of your own way and allow your purpose to come through you. This program teaches you to create a deeper connection with yourself to allow this process to take place with greater ease.

It's Time For Self Mastery!

Stop Procrastination

Understand the visual, emotional and mental triggers that cause you to procastinate. Once you understand this you'll no longer be wasting time unconsciously procrastinating.

Stop Self Sabotaging

Understand why and how you self sabotage, learn the triggers and understand how to continue enjoy the things that make you happy instead of sabotaging them!

Stop People Pleasing

Understand the unconscious motivator as to why you people please. Then once we have established this you will then learn how to set healthy boundaries so that you don't resent others when you help them.

Become Self Aware

It's time to see those emotional and mental triggers for what they are! Learn the underlying messages that you have been missing all of these years so that you can transform your life!

Learn To Love Yourself

Self love is key, yet so many don't truly love themselves. This course breaks those barriers that stop you from loving yourself so you can start loving who you are!

Understand your Value

Knowing the value you bring to this world is a fundamental awareness so that links to finding your purpose. It's time to counteract all the negativity from the people around you and learn to step into your power!

Client Feedback

Brett is one of the kindest people I have ever met. He has been so supportive, encouraging, and helpful from day one, and for that I am truly grateful!
Sarah Gallo
To chat with Brett is very inspirational. He doesn't have a judgement of you and I'm heard. That is very empowering to me and my business. The world is my oyster....
Bernice Smith
I have known Brett for many years and over that time he has been a constant support that has inspired me to grow. Truly grateful.
Tracey Hicks


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